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Photography - "light" and “drawing", together meaning "drawing with light". For me it is all about the light, always about the light.


This body of work was created in my studio space in Cumbria during a period of recuperation. One of these images won an award with the British Institute of Professional Photography in 2015.

I think I 'm as passionate about tulips as I am about photography.


Watching mother nature as the seasons ebb and flow has such healing powers. We have transformed our garden into a haven for wildlife and our meadow attracts a wide range of insects and pollinators which in turn attract a plethora of birdlife. The subjects are plant material picked from our meadow and garden. The aim is to create a botanical style of imagery consistent with the RHS’s medal requirements.


Several years ago I stumbled across a dahlia farm not far from where we lived on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I had to photograph them. The farm, sadly, has since closed down but my love of dahlias continues. They are majestic flowers and capturing them each year as summer has its last hurrah is something I always look forward to.