Michaela Simpson Portfolios

A change of lifestyle and move to North Tyneside has seen me concentrate more on my fine art work. The welcome change of pace has allowed me to create more personal work that I enjoy and get a tremendous amount of pleasure from. A member of the RPS (Royal Photographic Society), I collaborate with other creatives on ongoing projects.

My most recent project From the Sea to the Land has taken my photography on what now seems an obvious journey, capturing the beautiful Northumberland coast.

"From the Sea to the Land"

We live a 5 minute drive from Tynemouth, North East England and two or three times a week we visit the coast: whatever the weather.

Capturing these images has been the most rewarding, relaxing, creative and mindful time I’ve had in many years. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have had making them. 


This is a small sample of the people portraits taken over the last few years, many of which have been taken with my film cameras.

I am currently working on a portrait project using Olympus OM1 film cameras and lenses and Kodak TriX film.

Flora & Botanical

Watching mother nature as the seasons ebb and flow has such healing powers. Our local Maggie's is one of my favourite gardens to visit and I'm lucky to be able to photograph it throughout the year.

Like theirs, our garden is a haven for wildlife and our meadow attracts a wide range of pollinators.

Black & White

I love black and white imagery, there's a timelessness to it. It deconstructs a scene and reduces it to its forms and tones.

Black and white photography can evoke a mood – from nostalgia to sadness, black and white pictures somehow convey emotion in a way that colour images simply can't. Not everything is Black & White but sometimes it's what's needed.

Stock Images to licence

Many of my images are available to licence through Getty Images "the world’s foremost visual experts". It's a really cost effective way to get quality imagery for editorial or promotional work. I'll be adding to my library regularly.

If there's something in particular you've got in mind, just drop me a note and I can have a look and see if there's an image that would be suitable.

35mm film

My go to film equipment is a couple of Olympus OM1 cameras and lenses with Kodak TriX film. We develop our film at home and then scan digital copies.

Watch this space for an update on my portrait project and exhibition taking place in 2024.