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If you would like to buy a signed copy of our Zines each one is available for 10 pounds including P&P (UK only). To order or for international delivery please contact us through the website. Click on the cover images to view online.

I’m fascinated by the enigmatic characteristics of time, especially in relation to photography. These pictures were snatched from my time’s tide, and are now both rooted in a particular moment while simultaneously floating away into an indefinite, uncertain future.

My usual practice is to make multiple visits to any area of interest, often over an extended period, and these images are ‘snapshots’ from several recent series. They act as an introduction to recent work, all made in 6x6cm format and on film cameras. For many more images please visit

Signed, limited edition prints - made entirely in our studio - are available, as are monograph collections.

A little photo zine made in November 2022 to showcase some images I've taken with an Olympus OM1 camera and two lenses: 50mm f1.4 & 85mm f2. Film stock used by Kodak Tri-X.