In the time of Covid-19

I underwent a significant operation just before the UK locked down in March 2020, and since then my ability to make work has been heavily circumscribed - either by rules or by my own health concerns and anxiety. But the urge to make work and to reflect on the current situation, however obliquely, remains strong. The title image shown here explicitly references Alfred Stielglitz's Equivalents, which have fascinated me since I studied his work as a post-graduate student. But my work featuring the extraordinary skies of summer 2020 reflect an absence as much as a presence - the absence of contrails, for the first time in my life.

For the first time in my career I have also started making pictures in the studio, initially mainly of. the damaged fragments of children's toys that have been unearthed by detectorists. I've used musket balls too, and am currently preparing to begin a new series in a similar vein. So please do keep checking back, as new work is added.

Also, please do contact us if you'd like further details of any image, or to see more work on this theme - this is only a very small sample of available images.